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Monday, January 23, 2006

We've moved

No not to a new house. Well its a month since the wedding so Memoirs of a Bride will no longer be updated anymore. It was fun blogging here though, all those ideas and thoughts about the wedding was documented here. But it is now time to move a new blog that it. So visit me at my new blog

Icing on the Cake

Its not really done yet, I'm still using a template from blogger and I haven't put up my links yet but I'll be posting there from now on.

So drop by there if you have time and leave a message okei....


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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lots to do...

So got back here in SG last Tuesday (Hi Vannie I saw you and Godwin at the airport!). Now comes all the to dos...
I have to...
Upload our wedding pics for our friends, relatives and wawies to see.
Prepare for our post wedding party on the 14th.
Start selecting pictures for our wedding album (which is not easy considering there are tons of pictures).
Fix (or least try) our things here at home.
Finish my supplier ratings (I already started doing this).
Start doing wedding kwento.

I'm also back to work, so I have less time to do all of the above.

About our wedding...
We had so much fun! It was a blast! Of course there were minor glitches, but over all it was a success. Unlike others who have hazy recollection of their wedding...I remembered mine vividly. I took the time to just enjoy every single moment of wedding. I remember how cold it was outside the church, I remembered my heart beating fast as the church doors slowly opened signalling my march. I remembered small details...memories I shall keep forever.
After one year of preparation, our wedding is over. But our journey through life has just begun...

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bong & Jacq Married At Last

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Days before the BIG DAY

I'm trying to document all the things that happened before the BIG DAY. This is my attempt...

Dec. 15
Our flight to Manila. Our whole flight was extremely uncomfortable. I only had about five hours of sleep prior to our take off (last minute packing, making sure we didn't forget everything et al), I was hoping to catch some Zzzz during the flight...but behold we had a bunch of tattle tales behind us. There were three middle-aged women who were flying to Manila was tourists, they were freakingly noisy the entire duration of the flight. My gosh, if I was a rude person I would have done something nasty. I was amaze how they managed to talk during the entire time, yeah even while eating. Luckily I was too exhausted that I managed to sleep.

B's dad picked us up at the airport. We went to their house to drop of his luggage (I brought mine at my parent's house). Off we go to Merlene's shop to fit my gown and B's barong and pants. I was really excited at the same time nervous (what if my gown won't fit???). Luckily my gown did fit, they adjusted it pa nga on the waist area because it was a bit loose (oh di ba maluwag na ng konti, pumayat ba ko???). They also took my measurements for the tea length dresses I asked them to make for me. I hope to have this by Saturday since we'll attend Jeremy and Len's wedding on Sunday (I'm really looking forward to see Villa Escudero).

Dec. 16
We had a meeting with Ernest (our coordinator) at 6750 Starbucks. We discussed everything about the wedding...everything up to the tiniest details.

After that we went to Gino's house to get our wedding rings. It was exactly want we wanted (or should I say exactly how B wanted). My ring was a bit thicker than B's because mine had a stone in it so I need to get use to it.

Dec. 17
Pre cana seminar at St. James. We got there a bit early so we decided to have breakfast at Total (yeah the gasoline station).
When we got back the seminar just started. I think about nine other couples attended the seminar. Too bad I left my notepad in the car so I wasn't able to take down notes.
It was suppose to be a whole day seminar but the lector for the afternoon session couldn't make it so we were told not to come back. So off to ATC we go for some shopping and pampering (for me that is).

Dec. 18
Jeremy & Len's wedding at Villa Escudero!!!
The place was great...unfortunately my sister put our camera in her bag instead of mine the day before so we had no choice but buy a disposable camera just to have pictures. The place was beautiful, we'll definitely come back there someday.

Dec. 19 be continued

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Luggage, gifts, check list and 10 days to go

I'm sooo excited that we'll be flying to Manila this thursday na. We still have to work tomorrow though (nakakatamad na talaga as in). I started packing last Sunday and tonight I'm almost done.

I bought my wedding gift to B yesterday. I hope he likes it. As for his christmas gift, I wrapped it already (I bought it last Saturday and I don't want to risk him seeing it). We also bought gifts for some of our loved ones back home, we will finish shopping na lang in Manila.

Ernest gave me a draft of our appointments na rin. So far were free in the morning (I'll singit na lang shopping time here). Surprisingly we were more busy when we went home last May to prepare for the wedding. Now talagang finishing touches na lang. First stop from the airport, light lunch then straight to Merlene's shop to fit my gown (and B's barong and pants). I hope I can still fit in it (keeping my fingers crossed).

Gifts keep on coming...thanks to everyone. We haven't opened anything yet (though I'm very tempted...if only the gifts weren't wrapped with so much tape I could possibly have a glimpse). I better list down all these gifts so we could properly thank everyone (and not miss anybody).

Its our friend's wedding this Sunday, we will attend of course. I would be exciting to see Villa Escudero. We will stay there overnight. Fun!!!

We will attend another wedding on Tuesday!!!

Wow we're getting married next week!!!!I'm sooo excited!!!

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Little Update - 12 Days to go

I bought the jewellery that I'm going to use for the big day (@ Citigems) a few days ago. I bought something dainty and elegant looking, nothing too flashy or even something that sparkling so much it could blind someone. I was adviced not to wear a necklace as my gown is almost fully beaded on top, but because the set I bought is dainty I think I can get away with wearing it...

B finished our avp last night. Watching it played is like watching my life flashback before my eyes. And B's baby/childhood pics...adorable. Well he has more baby pictures than me (most of my baby pics was destroyed when I was in highschool, lets just say that water in pictures equals destruction). Still I'm glad I still have a few left.

Our florist informed our coordinator that peonies this month doesn't look nice. She wouldn't want to use it for my bouquet because it would ruin my look daw. I felt sad as I sooo love this flowers. I was looking forward to holding it on my way to the altar (and pose for pictures too).

Beautiful isn't?Too bad I can't have a bouquet like this now

I just love peonies

Now I have to look for an alternative to peonies. The problem is nothing appeals to me at the moment. I better find another flower soon....

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

13 Days To go

How time flies talaga. Its only 13 days before the wedding. We'll be flying to Manila in 4 days. We still have the pre cana seminar to attend to...I still need to fit my gown(s)...have meetings with Ernest and attend to other minor details na lang. So yeah we're prepared for the wedding na. Its been fun preparing for the big day. Searching for that supplier, looking at bridal magazines (heck I have one big container of bridal magazine if only i can bring it all to Manila), countless emails, internet search and phone conversations. At times it was tiring, stressful and frustrating...but mostly it was fun. After a year of preparation I'm now only counting days. I feel really excited.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Paper Scrappy Me

Here's the first LO I made as a paper scrapper (yes paper not digital). I enjoy doing this sooo much. Right now I'm all about brads, snaps, eyelets, cardstocks, patterned papers and dye inks!Oh and punches too!

This is a scraplift from Cathy Zielski's Clean and Simple book (Thanks to Gina for letting me borrow her book as I wait for mine to be delivered)

This is the second LO I made. As I dont have much embellishments yet this is the best I can do with the stuff I have

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Party, Gift and More

Happy Birthday Jaimie!How young are you?

With food this yummy, the word "diet" seem to slip my mind. Did I mention our friends cook REALLY well?

Our first wedding gift from Rhudee, Jaimie & Zaki

Here's what they wrote on the tag...awww how sweet, thanks for everything Jaims

I won't open this til after the wedding...I guess I should be expecting more to come?Hehehe

Okay so its only 18 days to go til the wedding...I'm having a hard time sleeping (and I sleep late to begin with). I guess I'm just thinking/imagining how the day itself will turn out. More than the worries and the things we still need to do, I feel happy... when I look at B's face...I find my peace. Heck even if there will be glitches on the wedding (which is inevitable I think), I know B would be beside me to hold my hand and say that everything will be alright. There's something about him that calms my obsessive-compulsive side. And of course there's Ernest (my ever efficient, nice coordinator) who will do everything is his power to make the wedding as glitch-free as possible. I also turn to him when I'm freaking out about something/anything wedding related. He's really a savior as he keeps me sane.

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